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HashMap Explaination


How HashMap works in Java? With Animation!! whats new in java8 tutorial
How does java hashmap work ? HashMap is one of the most popular java.util data structures. Its one of the associative array implementations, here I have explained its internals in simple terms using an animation. Java8 adds a bit of enhancement to HashMap by using a balanced tree when there is too much has collisions.

Best Commands to find the information about the LInux OS running


uname -a
uname -v
uname --help
cat /etc/
cat /etc/redhat-release
lsb_release -a   ==> I prefer this command 

Unable to open kernel device "\\.\Global\vmx86": The system cannot find the file

Unable to open kernel device
.\Global\vmx86": The system cannot find the file specified. Did you reboot
after installing VMware Workstation?
Failed to initialize

Solution for this type error which occurred when opening an vmplayer. 

try to re-install the vmx86 driver

open a cmd in adminmode and navigate to the VMware installation directory and run

 vnetlib -- uninstall vmx86 
check again with the net start command - this time it should say "service name  is invalid"
then run
 vnetlib -- install vmx86 
and reboot again

now it hopefully works

Second simple solutions is 

start CMD as administrator then run  "net start vmx86".

Start a spark master worker nodes spark-shell in Windows 10


open cmd 
goto the installed folder of spark

C:\Spark>bin\spark-class.cmd org.apache.spark.deploy.master.Master

C:\Spark\bin>spark-class org.apache.spark.deploy.worker.Worker spark://192.168.5

Now Another command prompt type : 

spark-shell --master spark://

Now the screen shot is

Now you can see the Application ID . Click on the Id and explore yourself.

Be sure top have SPARK_HOME is set in environmental variables ..

we have to open different cmd's to execute commands
cntrl+c on command line to terminate the process

HotSpot or JRockit to find which JVM is running from JAVA

f you want to know whether the currently running JVM is HotSpot or JRockit, check System.getProperty(""). For me, it gives Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM on HotSpot and Oracle JRockit(R) on JRockit, although different versions/platforms may give slightly different results, so the most reliable method may be:
String jvmName = System.getProperty("");
boolean isHotSpot = jvmName.toUpperCase().indexOf("HOTSPOT") != -1;
boolean isJRockit = jvmName.toUpperCase().indexOf("JROCKIT") != -1;
Thorbjørn's suggestion to use java.vendor has the problem that the same vendor may produce multiple JVMs; indeed, since Oracle's acquisitions of BEA and Sun, both HotSpot and JRockit now report the same value: Oracle Corporation
If you want to find all JVMs installed on a system: the problem with Nambari's answer, to use the command java -version, is that the JVM can be installed on a machine yet not be present in the path. For Windows, scanning the registry could be a better approach.

Spark Windows Installation ERRORS : WINUTILS.EXE , RuntimeException

Spark Installation in Windows caused two errors to start successfully without any errors. 

1. Missing binary file WINUTILS.EXE

  Solution :  Download the latest WINUTILS.EXE and place that in %HADOOP_HOME%\bin\winutils.exe 

Note: winutils.exe  should be more carefull in downloading the LATEST one

 prechecks before downloading :
  1. check whether windows is 32 or 64 bit 
  2.checking the winutils downloadable is 32 or 64 bit compatable 

Because 32 bit will work for 32 bit and 64 bit will work for 64 bit only 

2. ava.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.RuntimeException: The root scratch dir: /t
mp/hive on HDFS should be writable. Current permissions are: rw-rw-rw-

After donwloading and importing the winutils.exe in bin folder .

create /tmp/hive  folder in C:\  using command line in admin mode 

and run the below commands 

%HADOOP_HOME%\BIN\WINUTILS.EXE chmod -R 777 \tmp\hive  

At last you must contain C:\tmp\hive with full access to every user

in my case 

SPARK_HOME = C:\Spark\bin

Thanks for reading

Gradient Descent, Linear Regression and running the algorithm using python


Go to this link it helps you to understand the overview  gradient descent .

Code for this example can be found here

 from numpy import *  
 # y = mx + b  
 # m is slope, b is y-intercept  
 def compute_error_for_line_given_points(b, m, points):  
   totalError = 0  
   for i in range(0, len(points)):  
     x = points[i, 0]  
     y = points[i, 1]  
     totalError += (y - (m * x + b)) ** 2  
   return totalError / float(len(points))  
 def step_gradient(b_current, m_current, points, learningRate):  
   b_gradient = 0  
   m_gradient = 0  
   N = float(len(points))  
   for i in range(0, len(points)):  
     x = points[i, 0]  
     y = points[i, 1]  
     b_gradient += -(2/N) * (y - ((m_current * x) + b_current))  
     m_gradient += -(2/N) * x * (y - ((m_current * x) + b_current))  
   new_b = b_current - (learningRate * b_gradient)  
   new_m = m_current - (learningRate * m_gradient)  
   return [new_b, new_m]  
 def gradient_descent_runner(points, starting_b, starting_m, learning_rate, num_iterations):  
   b = starting_b  
   m = starting_m  
   for i in range(num_iterations):  
     b, m = step_gradient(b, m, array(points), learning_rate)  
   return [b, m]  
 def run():  
   points = genfromtxt("data.csv", delimiter=",")  
   learning_rate = 0.0001  
   initial_b = 0 # initial y-intercept guess  
   initial_m = 0 # initial slope guess  
   num_iterations = 1000000  
   print "Starting gradient descent at b = {0}, m = {1}, error = {2}".format(initial_b, initial_m, compute_error_for_line_given_points(initial_b, initial_m, points))  
   print "Running..."  
   [b, m] = gradient_descent_runner(points, initial_b, initial_m, learning_rate, num_iterations)  
   print "After {0} iterations b = {1}, m = {2}, error = {3}".format(num_iterations, b, m, compute_error_for_line_given_points(b, m, points))  
 if __name__ == '__main__':  

For Running this program you need Python and numpy should be installed.

Install Python : Download (Install Python and set classpath/path)
Install Numpy : Download  (Ater installing python follow the below steps to install Numpy.)

1:  go to this website to download correct package:  
2:  unzip the package  
3:  go to the unzipped folder   
4:  open CMD here (path of the unzipped foolder)  
5:  then use this command to install numpy: " python install "  

Note: Installing numpy will take more time like 10mins be patient.

After completing all the above steps , the only left is download the complete program , data.csv file from Github, then go to the download folder in cmd prompt and give command as
1:  python  

Please check the screen shots .

Gradient Descent, Linear Regression and running the algorithm using python
Gradient Descent, Linear Regression and running the algorithm using python

Installing Numpy
Installing Numpy

Create a project in Eclipse

Download Eclipse Luna Here (Select Here Windows 32 Bit or 64 Bit based on your requirement) 
  - If the downloaded file is a zip file extract it C:\ folder  or to your desktop . Open the extracted folder click on eclipse.exe file . Thats it. Now you are all set. 

Create a project : 

 This steps will show you how to create a Java application project in Eclipse.
  1. Choose File → New → Java Project from the Eclipse menu bar
  2. Enter the Project name as  "com.[company or Institute name].[Module or project name] " , then click next and next 
  3. Finish
Now you are able to see the project on the left side of the IDE , tree down the project  you are able to see the src folder and JRE system library folder . 

In the src folder create  15 folders (right click on the src folder New-> folder) name them from Lab1_[Date] to Lab15_[Date]


Students going to USA who are not worth : India

I Hope this information is useful to you , I am studying in US for one year . NPU is  not a fake university I dunno who told to you about this. Why immigration is very strict is because of recent paris attacks and the floating of students to these (SVU,NPU)universities is very high when compared to other state universities.  Last semester around thousands of students came to these two universities which created doudts to  immigration authorities.This count is equal to sum of 10 universities in two or three different states.This immigration check happenes not only in california but through out the USA and media is now focused only on these universities and giving negative signals to parents. The students who returned to India said wrong answers ,carried no financial documents , no certificates , no money with them for living, no travel cards, dunno about the college and course what they are studying. Think why USA will accept these students ? no way .!!!

People who are sent back dont have that abilities to study in USA thats why ther are going back. I have immigration statement of one student how she talked to an immigration officer makes us feel sick.

The students who are coming to US for pursuing MS should need to have some responsibilites , capabilites , desire to learn etc..

Before 15 years there is a value for engineering what is the suituation now,from every home there is an engineering student and there is no job for all of them. Likewise from every house there is a MS student who is studying in USA(same suituation is created in USA if you come to USA there is no gaurantee of job only people who train and place you will be benefitted), which is very worst suituation created by establishing so many engineering colleges by our government and giving free education to all students who are not worth capable of doing that.

Who are coming to USA?
Those who were having desire to learn , pursue their goals,willing to withstand with the foeign culture etc. But in reality only 10% of the students coming to USA is having above said features,rest of them are not worth to stay in USA. This is because of students who completes B.Tech or degree dunno what to do  ? How to get job ? What to do in future ? Dunno their goals ?

So, so many people are coming to US after B.Tech without even trying for jobs or thinking what to do. The living style or our education system has become like a series activities to perform in interval of time.

How students are coming to USA ?
1. Go to some consultants and tell their goal to go for USA
2. They have all predefined data, then they will select some universities and send these students to these universities.

Students who are coming here dunno what to do , how to do , where to go , they are not trained by these consultants how to behave in foreign . They blindly come and risk everyone life.

Who done the mistakes ?
indirectly everyon has done the mistakes, right from Indian govt to USA govt, Parents to children, Prestitutes , Consulting firms .  What everyone seeing in these only Money Money Money...... But everyone forgets one thing before earning you shoulf be perfect .

Dont ask me what they are doing ? plz ....

Hope my article can help you think in other way.

This post is completely for awareness , not for any disputes. If you have any objection please send mail.



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